Manuel “Manny” Carazo has more than thirty years of experience in military strategy, military protocol, and geopolitics. He frequently speaks with organizations and groups on topics such as Military Air Power, Leadership in business, Military life abroad and philanthropy.

He has received numerous awards for his philanthropic work from the Marine Corps and from Associations and Foundations dedicated to Marines.

From 2013 to 2017 he was part of the Board of Directors of the Marine Corps Association & Foundation. That same year he founded the Semper Brothers Foundation, dedicated to brotherhood between the Armed Forces of the United States and Spain. In 2017 was commissioned Colonel by the Governor Matthew G Bevin of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  His two books, «Torrejon Air Base, Spain», and «Torrejon during the Cold War» are based on his own experience and the experiences lived at that base during the 1980s.

José C. Bárcena is retired from the Spanish Marine Corps in which he served for 39 years.

He is part of the Semper Brothers Foundation.

He has American relatives, who serve in the USAF and Spanish family who served in the Spanish Air Force so he has great ties to Torrejón Air Base that encouraged him to write along with Manuel Carazo the books «Torrejon Air Base, Spain», and «Torrejon during the Cold War» .

He was born in Madrid, is married and has two children.