«Torrejon during the Cold War»


«Really fascinating to read the history of Torrejon Airbase.

A must for history buffs and to learn about the different squadrons who served there. A great read.»

Susan L Solomont

Author of «Lost and Found in Spain» and «Stella the Ambassadog»

Alan D Solomont

US Ambassador


«Top book on the subject. Years waiting for one of these.
Nicely presented and a good bunch of photos.
Full story here on USAFE 16th AF.
Good reference on Wing & squadron histories. Great color photos of the big mean machines.
Great buy for USAFE fans.»

Francisco Brito Alves


«I was so pleased to receive this book recently! I read the previous book «Torrejon Air Base Spain» by the same authors which was sort of a preview to this one. «Torrejon During the Cold War» is rich with the historical background of the base near Madrid, Spain from 1957. I was in the U.S. Air Force stationed there in 1985 and was one of the last American aircraft maintenance troops to leave in the spring of 1992. Naturally, I was extremely interested to read about the time I was there, so I skipped to the last part of the book. I was thrilled to see pictures of the many places where I was and the fighter aircraft, I worked on for so many years. And some familiar faces and names!.»

«The book’s introduction features a sort of journal entry by a fighter pilot who happened to fly one of the first F-16 fighter aircraft to be assigned at Torrejon AB, and also to fly one of the last four F-16s to leave there on his final active duty Air Force mission. This is followed by a brief chronology of the Spanish base and the American involvement in its construction and development. The authors describe the complex and controversial relationship between the United States President Eisenhower and the post WW II Axis national leader, General Franco and the political agreements between the two governments.»

«The authors introduce the 16th Air Force and its assignment to the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). There is a chronological timeline a detailed history of the command structure from the post WW II years up to present day. They describe the changing nature and military missions accomplished by all of the host and tenant units based at TJ over the years.»

«The book culminates with the base’s involvement in the Gulf War, or Desert Shield/Desert Storm with units deployed to Doha, Qatar and Incirlik AB, Turkey as well as the support activities at home base. I am especially proud to have been mentioned and pictured in this section! Who would believe that I appeared in the same book as General Eisenhower, but it has been a strange year for me.»

«There are lots of great pictures and stories that bring back fond memories of my time there. But there is a wealth of historical information, a lot of which I never knew. I highly recommend this book to those who served or passed through there during their military careers. But also, a remarkably interesting read for history buffs, aviation enthusiasts and travelers to Spain. I enjoyed every part of this book and will treasure it.»

MSGT Alex de Jesus USAF (Ret)